Dagoth Dagathur (The War of Wars Campaign)

The Charter

In the course of recent events, our organization has been shaken to its very core. With the deaths of Aranel Vanyare, High Prophet of Olórin and Guardian of Arda, and Caya, Rebel Féa of Olórin, this Legion has come to discover its true nature as a broken collection of Heroes from modern and bygone periods in the history of Arda; drawn together under the broad idea that we could save the Universe from Dagoth Dagathúr through deceit, disconnection, and indifference towards the very reality we would strive to protect and defend. It is to those we serve that we owe a sense of unity and cohesion among this Legion to ensure that our efforts are done in honor of the Universe and all who dwell within; completed through the forging of a singular ideal and direction for this Legion, and all who serve it, made manifest in this Charter presented hereafter.

May the eternal Creator bless us and watch over us in this our hour of need.

Article 1
The paramount focus of this Legion is the destruction of Ditrius, servant of the Primordial Evil and Catalyst of Dagoth Dagathur, the War of Wars. Our efforts though cannot be invested in direct contact for our numbers are too few to stave off the infinite size of the Abyssal horde. Instead, this Legion shall adopt a role of support to those deific and mortal entities that choose direct engagement with the Enemy, and if necessary, provide an active role of defense to aid our divine and mortal allies across the Universe.

Article 2
While our commitment to combating the Enemy and supporting our current allies is resolute, this Legion recognizes that there are various forces, benign and malevolent, that have a stake in the survival of the Universe. The Legion will utilize resources, when necessary, to assuage the various undeclared worlds and entities to oppose Ditrius and all who serve his plan of cosmic oblivion.

Article 3
Throughout the war this Legion must remember that its members are outside the jurisdiction of Fate. As agents of freedom, it is our duty never to impose our will upon the affairs of mortals and gods, lest the dominion of Fate be passed to the Legion. In terms of this war, the Legion shall never force our services upon any entity that does not wish them, nor shall we ever force an entity to oppose Ditrius and take up arms against his forces unless it is their choice.

Article 4
Given that choice is a cornerstone to freedom, this Legion must and shall respect the fundamental right of others to choose the way they shall direct their lives. Such respect must also be manifest when this Legion works with the various entities across the Universe in its defense. While on assignment, all Legion members will adhere to the laws and customs, both national and divine, that are set forth by the entities currently being served by this Legion.

Article 5
Previous leadership of the Legion believed that the most effective way to protect Arda was for Legion members to detach themselves from Arda and all that they held dear to ensure that they were not distracted from the threat of Ditrius. This form of thinking was perhaps the greatest downfall of the past immortal leadership, for to deny a mortal all that they know and love is to diminish the mortal Self. Under current leadership, all Legion members are free to visit and draw strength from anything in this Universe that has been of central importance to their existence. Legion members are also free to follow their own personal beliefs, creeds, and codes. But at any point, a Legion member must be willing to put their previous life and personal ethics aside to ensure such things do not compromise or threaten the mission and its parameters.

Article 6
While the Legion shall always welcome those who are not bound by the strings of Fate, it is the Legion’s job when recruiting new members to balance the organization’s needs with the needs of Arda and beyond to make sure that a recruits skills are put to proper use. All new members of interest must be vetted either by the Legion Commander or a Legion member designated by the Legion Commander. Final approval of a recruit to join the Legion is provided by the Legion Commander.

Article 7
If at any point a member violates any of the articles presented in this Charter, they are subject to review from the Legion Commander, who will determine continued membership in the Legion



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