My dear players,

This should hopefully be the last time that I post in this feed as our story is coming to an end. While I recognize that for Jake and Olivia this is probably a very full time of the year, I need Dagoth Dagathur to come to an end so that we can transition into a more light-hearted adventure that is the new story.

As such, here is the final schedule plan for the Dagoth Dagathur storyline:
- We WILL NOT be meeting on Sunday 5/12 in honor of Mother’s Day
- Our final session WILL be on Sunday 5/19. Time TBD based on the needs of players.

Please make sure to come prepared with any and all materials that you need to wrap up the story. I apologize to any and all that this applies to, but whoever can make it will play. I will definitely do everything within my power to make sure that you get a detailed account of what happened and how things came to a close if you’re unable to make it.

While I will probably say this to all of you at some point before this is all over, it has been an absolute delight to have all of you as players. This is by far the best and most cohesive group that I have played with in my 10 years as a GM. It makes me excited for what the future holds for all of us.

Thanks for a wonderful story! As always, please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns before we meet next.

Best of luck to all those still in school!

Warm regards,

Charles of the House Hinz
Third of His Name
Heir to the Drive of Walnut
Technician to the Chemically Dependent
Teacher of the Religiously Uneducated
Master of the Game
Lord of Arda and the Universe beyond

Dagoth Dagathur (The War of Wars Campaign)

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