History of Arda

The Era of Creation

The Creator creates the Universe and imposes the Grand Design

The gods are created along with the several powerful planar entities

Arda is created by the gods via the Creator’s will

The Primordial Evil comes into power and wages war against the Creator and his followers. The Creator overthrows the Primordial Evil and sends it into the Void.

The Era of Awakening

The Eldar awake by the waters of Cuíveron in the west of Paenmúnd and founded the Valmar Civilization

The Dragons hatch in the northern region on Paenmúnd and begin to establish colonies and hoards

The Dwarves are forged in the depths of the mountains and begin to forge their underground empire

The Edain awoke in the Hills of Hildórien in the eastern region of Paenmúnd

Arcane Magic starts to be developed by the Eldar. Divine Magic starts to be practiced by the Dwarves and the Eldar

The Crown War between the Eldar and the Dragons

Splitting of Paenmúnd

Banishment of the Dragons from Arda

The First Era

The Eldar are ruled by High King Ingwe’s three sons. Finwe ruled over the Valmar Island, Elwe ruled over the Cormanthor Forest, and Oróme ruled over the Sun Coast. The Eldar also begin to colonize the Northrond continent, leading to contact between the Elves and the Dwarves

The Edain divide into 8 different Tribes and spread across the eastern half of the main continent. Eventually they expand into the Sun Coast and encounter the Eldar

The War of Unnumbered Tears

Founding of the Netheril Empire in the Sothrond region of the main continent

At the close of the War of Unnumbered Tears, the power of the races diminish leading to the Eldar being diminished into Elves and the Edain into Humans

The Second Era

Orcs created by the Netheril Empire to serve as bodyguards and super-soldiers

Dark Elves start migrating east and found Oróm

The Orcs rebel against the Netheril Empire and establish their own culture in Sothrond

A few Human tribes start sailing towards Northrond

The War of Sword and Spell

Separation of Sothrond from the main continent

The Unfication War and the rise of the Church of Sorra

Founding of the Anorían Empire

The Third Era (Era of Blood)

Aranel Vanyare raises a portion of Valmar, creating the new High Elf sanctuary known as Eldammar

The Thayan Rebellion

Founding of Essembra

Founding of Drannor

Founding of Alaron

Establishment of Cormyr in the remains of the Anorían Empire

The Great War

The Fourth Era (Era of Heroes)

Creation of Westeros via the ruins of the Corwyn Empire

New Republic of Alaron founded after the Constitutional Conference

Eldammar becomes publicly known

Cormanthor reestablished

Orcs found Anrok on the Sothrond continent

Nargothrond founded after Dwarves bar the mountains off from the Republic and the rest of Arda

Death of the Guardians

Orómmen founded by the Dark Elves via the Second Mage War

Westeros Civil War

The Second Unification War

Founding of the Vanyar Empire

History of Arda

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